What is Think and Grow Rich about? Chapter 1

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This is the first in a series about what is Think and Grow Rich about as there are thousands of people asking questions and not really getting answers regarding the classic self improvement personal development book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

In each chapter of this series, I will be discussing each chapter of the book individually and giving more insight to what is Think and Grow Rich about.

The first chapter talks a lot about a secret…

…that is revealed to you throughout the book.  A secret that many have used to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.


What is the secret in Think and Grow Rich?


The secret has two parts,

one part is already in the possession of those searching for it, (meaning you) and the other part is to be revealed as you study, read and learn from the book.

Throughout the book mention is made of this secret. 

Some sort of secret of achievement, but it is never explicitly identified.  Discovering the secret for yourself is most beneficial to you.  I believe this way you question yourself on what you truly believe, and when you have your answer you put yourself firmly within reach of success.

Maybe the secret is only one thing, but maybe it’s more than one… 

What is Think and Grow rich about for me, the secret that is revealed within the book?

 For me it is more than one, its a combination of a few things that makes the secret for me.

The first of which is desire.  He explains that we have to have a burning desire, a burning desire to the point of being an obsession.  That in itself is a huge thing for me.

Burning Desire

Think about it for a moment, and keep this in mind, constantly.



I don’t always know whether my desire is strong enough?

There should be no plan B or a second option in case plan number one does not work out.  Or so I gather from what he teaches us about desire in the book.  Your desire must be your only and last option.  No turning back, and no other options.

This made me think long and hard about my desires and how to make them stronger, a burning desire.

In the book he tells us how to do that too.

Amazing isn’t it?

Most times you are told what you should have and what not to succeed, but this is the first book I have found that tells me exactly how to get there too.

In my opinion the secret is different for every reader.  But also it’s a combination of all the 13 principles he explains throughout the book.

Let me give you and example…

…let’s say for instance that I am weak concerning my desires, that I don’t have a clear strong desire.  I am vague.

That is something I need to work at in order to achieve my goals.  That is something I have to change.

But say for example I have a friend that is weak in the area of self-confidence.  His secret will be self-confidence and that is what he needs to change in order to succeed.



What you believe is what will be. 

And if you have even the slightest inclination that you have something weak within you that will stand in your way to success, that is what it will be and you will miss success by just that tiny belief.

In chapter one he gives a brief history of various individuals whom have grown and prospered by applying these principles and the secret to their goals. 

A great example of one of these great people he elaborate on is

Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company.

He converted the automobile from an expensive curiosity into a practical conveyance that profoundly impacted the landscape of the 20th Century.  His father was a farmer, and expected Henry Ford to take over the family farm but he did not like farm work at all.  He wanted to do something else and he did.

In conclusion to What is Think and Grow Rich about? Chapter 1 I would like to add that…

…From the very first chapter you can clearly see that Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is vastly different from any other self improvement book or program on the market.

It requires you to have insight, imagination and discipline to learn and practice what it teaches you, but it’s worth it.

It can and will change your life… forever. 

You will find out what connects all the principles outlined in the book so you can naturally start to manifest them all.  You naturally start to take action, you naturally start to think positive, you naturally become persistent, and so the list goes on.  You don’t just get a list of principles, you learn how to make each one become second nature and how the principles of success are all connected so that you can derive naturally from them.

This book ties everything your ever heard, read or known about self improvement and success as well as goal attainment together to give you the missing link between them all that just makes it all work easily and effortlessly.

Don’t delay, get the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill today.


ps.  Please let me know your thoughts on this book by leaving your comment below.



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  • ToveL says:

    You asked what is think and grow rich about. I love reading a book like this which gives me examples on how to manage to do what the author wants us to do. Napoleon Hill is a man who foresaw things. I love that quality in people. It’s quite intriguing and fascinating.
    The thing I think about now after reading your review is that we can’t have a B option We have to go for the one we want. I haven’t really thought so much about this, but it makes total sense. For the universe to understand we have to be clear about what we want or we won’t get it. As simple as that.


    • admin says:

      Tove you are absolutely right. I am so glad you get what I am trying to bring across. Napoleon Hill was brilliant in many ways.

      It’s and awesome book to read, so much to learn and everything is explained in detail. Not just what you have to do, but exactly how. There are lists he gives in order for you to do exactly as he says to achieve success.

      And it’s true, having an option B is just giving yourself the idea that it’s alright if option A fails, you have another plan. Which is exactly which confuses the universe and then it all gets messed up and we don’t get what we wanted. Then we tend to loose faith, and it’s all our fault to begin with because we are not clear as to what we want.

      Thank you for your comment. Come back again for the discussion on the rest of the 15 chapters too. Some really awesome exciting stuff still coming…

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