Wealthy Affiliate University Black Friday Deal 2018….this is the stuff nobody tells you

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It’s all over and done…. Wealthy Affiliate University Black Friday Deal 2018 has come and gone.

This deal is made to give people a real shot at success.  It is massively discounted every year.  This year it was discounted at a massive 49%.  Many has taken the deal and started their success stories, many have decided to pass up this amazing opportunity.

This deal was made to help even more succeed in 2019.  The world needs more entrepreneurs, more people who help each other succeed.  The world needs more of this good stuff!  For the past 10 years, every year The Wealthy Affiliate University Black Friday deal was better than the one before.  I personally cannot wait to find out what the next Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday deal 2019 will be.  I have to add that every year it’s better to be inside than out…. There are a lot of hidden benefits that’s not really talked about much.  For the entire time I’ve been a member I have not seen it all.

Now The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2018 Deal is history, but I’ll tell you all about it.

One of the best opinions regarding The Wealthy Affiliate University I’ve ever seen, all true, right here:  This guy nailed it! The Wealthy Affiliate Fine Print nobody will tell you about…. First I read the headline of the post and I was a bit insulted / offended …. but then I read the entire article, and I saw it’s brilliance!

The above post by a Wealthy Affiliate University member inside WA is eye opening to the hidden benefits of this amazing program and the community.  Mitch is a Mechanical Engineer and a Professor who’s been a member for 10 months and he has seen much success.

Robert has been a member for almost 3 and a half years.  He is one of the many who has seen much success.  His post proves it.  I’ve seen some of his work on the internet a few times when doing searches and I didn’t know he was a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University till I saw this amazing post and I recognized him.  He is one of the great helpers at WA.

Excellence is discovered every day in more and more ways.

I for one has never regretted joining the Wealthy Affiliate University community.  It has been a fun adventure for me for the past 10 years.  Learning, discovering and applying so many new and wonderful things every day.  The training is rich and valuable, the Community is indescribable.  Every member is a real and ordinary person, who is making an enormous difference and making more money than they’ve dreamed of.

It’s a place where I trust the training and I know that it will bring results if I do it right, the process has been proven to me time and again.

It’s a place, a platform, a community for affiliate marketers.  Whether you are starting out, or have some experience, or even if you are ultra successful already, The Wealthy Affiliate University if made for anyone at all levels.

Read this short post And the Fun Begins! by Cass a new member at The Wealthy Affiliate University, she has been a part of the community for barely 3 months and she has 2 sites up and running.  She is doing great!  She is a grandmother of 6.  How old are you?  Makes you think a bit doesn’t it?

The Wealthy Affiliate University supplies you with building blocks that serve as a great foundation when placed well.

A strong solid foundation is important because the strength of the structure lies in its foundation.  It’s meant to keep everything solid and steady and safe, unbreakable.  The stronger the foundation, the stronger the structure.  The same with your business, the stronger the foundation, the stronger the business.

There is a fable about this rabbit (hare) and a tortoise that points out, slow and steady wins the race. Short cuts, hurt you in the long run.


Be diligent, follow the training precisely as instructed, and achieve long-term success.  I am inspired to not cheat myself and to complete each task.

I have set my goals this year double than ever before, I decided on it, I wrote it down and I made a commitment to achieve it.  It is on my desktop where I see it every time I come and sit down to work.  I have two goals and I will achieve both this coming year.  I will, because I am certain of it.  I believe that if I believe I will reach my goals, then I will definitely reach my goals.

What do you want to achieve in the coming year?  What goals are you committed to achieve in 2019?  Please tell me in the comments below. If you don’t have goals yet, it’s time to get some.  But don’t wait, do it right now.  Of postponement comes cancellation.

I will do it as the heading says, one task at a time.  It’s been proven that by following the training, completing each task there is no way you cannot succeed.  Strong believe creates action, and attracts everything you need to you.



I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life

Please be so kind and leave your comment, suggestion, question or whatever below.  

Remember every day holds the possibility of a miracle. 

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  • Stew says:

    I took advantage of the deal this year and I’m glad I did.

    I have been attempting affiliate marketing for 7-8 years now with really no direction and scams banging at my door ( to no avail).  I generally thought it was an impossible task until by accident I came across WA.

    WA is different and makes my want to be there.  I have all the tools around me to succeed given that I do the leg work.

    I have read success stories here, but don’t want to get too anxious, just want to make progress.

    • Marlene W says:

      Thank you for your comment, I greatly appreciate.  You did indeed make the right choice!  As you say… the proof is in the leg work you do.  Take what you get and use it.  

      Good luck and great success to you.

  • Jay says:

    Wealthyaffiliate is the best platform that the internet has to offer. I don’t think one can find a platform as good as wealthyaffiliate in the online world. I have been here for sometime and I can tell you that one of the best things I like about the platform apart from the training is the wealthyaffilate community. 

    They are such caring people and it is amazing that almost everyone in the platform actually cares to see you succeed. I have had issues that I had no idea how to resolve but with the quick response of the community, I was able to fix so many of the problems that I was facing.

    It really is an amazing platform.

    • Marlene W says:

      Thank you Jay for your comment.  The community is the most important part of the Wealthy Affiliate University I would say.  You are so fortunate to have the opportunity to experience it for yourself.  Good luck and great success to you.  

  • Angelique says:

    This year is the first time I have heard of the Black Friday deals on anything its all very new to me I joined just before so I really missed out Q when renewal for 2019 comes around could I pay the years subscription on the next Black Friday deal and get the discount just have to wait and see I also learned that there is a Wealthy Affiliate university thats cool I set some small goals to achieve the Book Think and Grow Rich is a very old book I read it over 20 years ago and have tried to live by the principals lack of income was always the deal breaker or lack of work although I always put out there there is plenty of work for me I had enough to get by so grateful I think people need to find their true passion and want to grow with it to expand and have confidence to share it online, the cashflow Quadrant is an excellent book to Back in 2001 I wanted to start a website about dogs paid a website developer I think back then I was seeing my future a little too early and the universe thought it would be best I acquire more knowledge and write my own Website I am so proud of my work but i am no master at it yet. I noticed a few members tried to unsubscribe so they could re subscribe for the Black Friday yearly special thats crazy its just like any other business offer on a special deal for a limited time I have never seen Wealthy Affiliate before so I am not sure if they run Christmas deals The Fall winter deals maybe but whatever time of the year anyone joins I think Wealthy Affiliate is a Great deal anytime of the year, Nothing ???? I read that post and thought about it true statement could you bring that back to life and offer Pros and Cons if you do and if you dont so the reader has more to ponder about because 20 years ago yes If I had 1 million Dollars I would have stored it in a Draw like a bank and not touched it so I could live off the interest back then it was 70,000 to 90,000 per year only because I had read Think and Grow Rich every Student should be offered this as a Gift on their Graduation. maybe you could offer it as a free gift after signing up or a graduation incentive 

    Reading this website I wouldnt of considered signing up to wealthy affiliate it didn’t really sell me on the idea that this was the university to change my life financially or maybe it was just a Blog that gave an opinion on a subject and a book then i looked at the other pages oh and yes here’s the page to join  no I am still not convinced So I read the page and hmmm I ll have to think about it  Back to Think and Grow rich a student these days would see as just a book now if they could Kindle it or read it on their phones I am sure they might take a look at it  Here follows my review ? and Opinion there are some grammar and spelling eras you may want to check I still think people always have Questions and want answers Who is Wealthy Affiliate What is a Wealthy Affiliate University Meet these guys Carl and Kyle Why Q A because you can learn from 7 figure income earners in the same community and you can be coached by them I was so excited that the small advert I replied to that same person answers all my Questions and checks up on me that’s going to keep me as a stayer why because they built my trust from their Advert they followed through and they are there always I didn’t sign up to be left on a limb and guessing Your webpage lead my by the hand down a path to the sign up page heres the door go on enter their scared of whats on the other side Where are You ??? Its like starting school again if you know what I mean just trying to create a picture here. I would take some things out like you don’t want to bore them with long posts so you will write small ones that was boring just to read that Thousands of happy satisfied people Thats your opinion as a reader all salesmen say that to sell a product  everyone loves this Who is everyone its like saying Old Mate down the road its heir say yes its true but the reader dosnt know that ( I can introduce you to ) like come in its inviting ill be with you come meet my friends 

    I didn’t feel the welcoming the friendly I am so interested in you as a person I care about you and your success why simple because One of us has to step out of the gutter before we can pull anyone else out basically you didn’t touch my emotion strings people are selfish Whats in it for me attitude the viewer has to not only see value in it for them but they need an emotional tug Family Occupation Marriage Finance retirement something to relate to 

    We cannot lead a dog to feel good we have to demonstrate see this feels good I am sure you get the gist of what I am ranting about 

    Your vibration of how you feel, When we start work on our computers shows in our expressions of what we pour out from within on paper like an author If your having an off low vibration moment don’t type anything just yet get the head in the flowing happy right vibration feel like its your friend on the other side of the world that is interested in what you have to say

    Meet me  I am not your Mother and I am just being Judgemental here but your picture needs to be more Professional your very attractive and shoulders and no colour below the neck is well as a friend ill be straight up you look naked ask a close friend for a second opinion but as a viewer on the other side of the world I say no more otherwise I did like your about me page and your honesty             

    • Marlene W says:

      Thank you Angelique for your comment. I greatly appreciate.
      I have not heard about the Quadrant book, but I’ll make sure to get myself a copy and read it.
      Thank you very much for all your great advice and insights. I will be looking into each and every one of your suggestions.

      Good luck and great success to you

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