Success is a choice and a lifestyle.

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This has been mulling over in my mind for a while now.

I just could not decide how I want to say it to you, so I am taking my best shot at this today and I am going to explain to you today why success is a choice and a lifestyle.

Let’s take a fountain for example, it is filled with pure clean water that bubbles to the outside or to the surface.

You can compare yourself to a fountain, you are exactly the same as a fountain, that which you are filled with, that will bubble to the outside and that is what your life is.

That which comes from inside you overflows over into your life.

Does it make sense at all?

There is a saying in Afrikaans that translates as follows:  What the heart is filled with overflows from the mouth. 

Let me bring it even closed for you, that what you think, believe and feel, that is what your life is.


fountain of wealth


If you want your life to change, you will have to change yourself first.  You are the creator, your shape your life.


Whatever you decide, whatever you think and feel, that is what your life will ultimately be.

Success is a choice and a lifestyle.

With your thoughts and feelings, combined with what comes out of your mouth is an open invitation to the universe, and that is what you get from the universe.

If you have negative thoughts and feelings all the time, then that is what you’ll have all the time.


If you are positive, bubbly, energetic and full of life, then that is what your life  and you will be like.

A while ago my entire life went into a downward spiral and it went down really fast.  It seemed to me that from the one moment to the next everything just became a mess all at once.

My love life was nonexistent, my finances was gone my friends all gone too and I was completely and utterly alone in this horrible deep dark hole.

For a while I thought someone cursed me, but then after a while I decided to pick myself up and find out what is going on.

First I just cleaned myself to get rid of any curses, I do believe in those…. Then I started to take a good hard look at my life, and at myself.

I realized its all me, I was doing all this to myself.

I made my choice, I started to consciously change me. 

First of all I got some help, I got some mild antidepressants from the pharmacy to just help me, as a crutch would when you’ve broken your leg.  I used it for about two months only, just to get my mind right first.

During that time I was determined to get my mind fixed first.

I worked at it, every day, day and night.  I would catch myself with the wrong negative thinking, and I would change it right there and then, and then I would repeat it to myself out loud seven times.

I believe in the number seven for some reason, but I’ll go into that some other time.  After a while it started to become easier and it became more natural to me.


Things started to change.  I changed, and it was awesome.

The moment you start to change yourself, you have already started to change the world too.


Yesterday you were clever, today when you start to change yourself you are wise, you have within you the strength the patience and the passion to reach for your dreams and change your world.

Be the change you wish to see.

Give me some of your ideas, leave me some comments and tell me about your experience, please 🙂


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  • Trevor Moy says:

    You’re totally right. Nicely written. I wonder how many people will take this to heart? It’s a state of mind! The problem is that we are influenced by so many other outside influences in daily life that it can drag you down. The best way to deal with these are to keep away from them. Negative people are the worst. Surround yourself with positive people and your outlook will be positive! One bad apple and all that.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Trevor for your many comments, you are absolutely awesome.

      We have to learn to acknowledge all the wrong influences and to only keep, grow and build on the good ones. We have to push the bad stuff out with vengeance.
      Through my journey I have learned to steer clear of the negative people, I keep a safe distance from them. We should all push them out and they will see they stand alone and hopefully we can change them to the positive side as well.

      I am a strong believer that behavior breeds behavior, therefor we can also believe that positivity breeds positivity and the good multiplies.
      We just have to stay strong and keep at it. Every second of every day.

  • Trevor Moy says:

    Nicely written! I wonder how many people will listen learn and take notice? You’re right, it’s all about you. The problem is we’re surrounded by so many influences every day that it’s hard not to listen. Negative people are the worst! One bad apple etc
    Happy you put on the “glad rags” and are moving forward!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Trevor for your comment and for stopping by my site. I really appreciate it. And thank you for the compliment too. I love compliments, they brighten everything that is already bright just so much more.

      You are right, negativity grows like a fungus, you have to be strong and always conscious to keep yourself positive and high.
      My hopes are that I can touch countless people with my written words and help them to be better, that way we all can make the world a better place together.

      I am moving forward and so are you. May you be blessed and may you have great success in your endeavors.

  • Peter Mantu says:

    Hi Marlene,

    First and foremost, I usually start by visiting an “about page” of any website I come across…just to get to understand what kind of a person I am dealing with. I have always believed that we don’t buy Online products and services from websites, we buy them from the people who own those websites.

    With that being said, I kind of knew who I was dealing with from the moment I started reading this magnificent post. You are definitely right about success being a choice and lifestyle. I am living proof of that…and Yes this happened right after I made the decision of become a Wealthy Affiliate member.

    I can go on…and on…and on but would rather thank you for sharing this with us. I wish you all the best with your endeavors.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter. I like your take on buying products or services from people not sites. Never thought of it this way, thank you for broadening my horizon. I like it, and its definitely something to keep in mind when telling my visitors who I am and what I am about. Thank you for helping me be better today.

      Thank you for the great compliment. Thank you for stopping by my site, and giving me your awesome comment. You made my day and you inspire me to be better for all those wonderful people out there like you.

      You are awesome, and thank you for being part of such a great community at Wealthy Affiliate University. Its great to have you as part of my online journey. Who can go wrong with fellow travelers like you?

      Thank you for the good wishes, may you be blessed and may you have great success in your endeavors too.

  • ToveL says:

    Loved your post about being who you want to be through your thoughts.
    I know this from my own life. Life is so much better and satisfying when I kick out my negative thoughts. I get more of what I want and I just feel awesome. I also feel I deserve to have a better life and to have what I desire in life.

    Thanks for sharing this words of cleverness.


    • admin says:

      Thank you Tove for the great compliment, and for stopping by my site and leaving your awesome comment.
      I appreciate your kind words.

      You are welcome and I am happy that you got something to use in your life from my words.

      I agree with you, life is just so much better without the negative thoughts and feelings, and yes you attract more goodness into your life this way.

      May you be blessed and may you have great success in your endeavors Tove.

  • Matt says:

    I like the quote “Success is a mindset”. There is no one way to be successful nor is there a magical formula. Its just having a strong mindset, wanting it bad enough, never giving up and a whole bunch of other mindsets that successful people have and others don’t. The best way to get these mindsets is to surround yourself with successful people and study successful people so you inherit these success mindsets.

    • admin says:

      Hi Matt. Thank you for stoping by and for leaving your comment. You are awesome.

      Everything in life is a direct reflection of your mindset. Whether you are successful or not, you mindset is key to what you are and what you have.
      When I look around the town I live in, people I know. Then I just want to shake the sometimes and just make them understand that they are creating their circumstances and their life with their mindset, their way of thinking, together with what they say and feel.

      When you are not where you want to be in life, you need to take a long hard look at yourself first, change your mind and then change your life.

      I like your website and I see you have loads of very useful information there a well. Thank you for helping to spread the word to the world. This way we can make a huge difference.

      Thank you Matt

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