What is Think and Grow Rich about? Chapter 1

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This is the first in a series about what is Think and Grow Rich about as there are thousands of people asking questions and not really getting answers regarding the classic self improvement personal development book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

In each chapter of this series, I will be discussing each chapter of the book individually and giving more insight to what is Think and Grow Rich about.

The first chapter talks a lot about a secret…

…that is revealed to you throughout the book.  A secret that many have used to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.


What is the secret in Think and Grow Rich?


The secret has two parts,

one part is already in the possession of those searching for it, (meaning you) and the other part is to be revealed as you study, read and learn from the book.

Throughout the book mention is made of this secret. 

Some sort of secret of achievement, but it is never explicitly identified.  Discovering the secret for yourself is most beneficial to you.  I believe this way you question yourself on what you truly believe, and when you have your answer you put yourself firmly within reach of success.

Maybe the secret is only one thing, but maybe it’s more than one… 

What is Think and Grow rich about for me, the secret that is revealed within the book?

 For me it is more than one, its a combination of a few things that makes the secret for me.

The first of which is desire.  He explains that we have to have a burning desire, a burning desire to the point of being an obsession.  That in itself is a huge thing for me.

Burning Desire

Think about it for a moment, and keep this in mind, constantly.



I don’t always know whether my desire is strong enough?

There should be no plan B or a second option in case plan number one does not work out.  Or so I gather from what he teaches us about desire in the book.  Your desire must be your only and last option.  No turning back, and no other options.

This made me think long and hard about my desires and how to make them stronger, a burning desire.

In the book he tells us how to do that too.

Amazing isn’t it?

Most times you are told what you should have and what not to succeed, but this is the first book I have found that tells me exactly how to get there too.

In my opinion the secret is different for every reader.  But also it’s a combination of all the 13 principles he explains throughout the book.

Let me give you and example…

…let’s say for instance that I am weak concerning my desires, that I don’t have a clear strong desire.  I am vague.

That is something I need to work at in order to achieve my goals.  That is something I have to change.

But say for example I have a friend that is weak in the area of self-confidence.  His secret will be self-confidence and that is what he needs to change in order to succeed.



What you believe is what will be. 

And if you have even the slightest inclination that you have something weak within you that will stand in your way to success, that is what it will be and you will miss success by just that tiny belief.

In chapter one he gives a brief history of various individuals whom have grown and prospered by applying these principles and the secret to their goals. 

A great example of one of these great people he elaborate on is

Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company.

He converted the automobile from an expensive curiosity into a practical conveyance that profoundly impacted the landscape of the 20th Century.  His father was a farmer, and expected Henry Ford to take over the family farm but he did not like farm work at all.  He wanted to do something else and he did.

In conclusion to What is Think and Grow Rich about? Chapter 1 I would like to add that…

…From the very first chapter you can clearly see that Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is vastly different from any other self improvement book or program on the market.

It requires you to have insight, imagination and discipline to learn and practice what it teaches you, but it’s worth it.

It can and will change your life… forever. 

You will find out what connects all the principles outlined in the book so you can naturally start to manifest them all.  You naturally start to take action, you naturally start to think positive, you naturally become persistent, and so the list goes on.  You don’t just get a list of principles, you learn how to make each one become second nature and how the principles of success are all connected so that you can derive naturally from them.

This book ties everything your ever heard, read or known about self improvement and success as well as goal attainment together to give you the missing link between them all that just makes it all work easily and effortlessly.

Don’t delay, get the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill today.


ps.  Please let me know your thoughts on this book by leaving your comment below.



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What is Think and Grow Rich about

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What is Think and Grow Rich?


It is simply put the’ greatest success classic, probably the most famous success book of all time. It elaborates on 13 success principles that you can use in any area of your life to change and grow in order to achieve success whether it be your health, your finances or your relationships and love life.

The book starts out as an assignment to Napoleon Hill that was given to him by Andrew Carnegie.  The objective was for Napoleon Hill to go on a 20 year journey to find out what exactly the principles for success is.


Napoleon Hill was to find out exactly what it takes to be successful.


What is think and grow rich about:


It is information and knowledge about the most successful and wealthiest people of all time.  People with little or no schooling that left deep footprints for us to follow throughout history.  All these people started out just like you and I do like Theodore Roseveld, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and John E Rockerfeller.  Just a few names amongst many others featured in this book.

This book is about reaching great heights both physically and mentally by eliminating negative energy and negative thought patterns, focusing on your goals with desire, faith and persistence.

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich was written by Napoleon Hill who was born in poverty in 1883 but who rose to become one of the world’s most distinguished, accomplished and respected authors.

He began his journey by moving from newspaper reporter on to being a law student and from there to working for Andrew Carnegie.

He became a confidant and advisor to many successful businessmen and even presidents.


What is think and grow rich about for me?


Well it is about becoming extraordinary in all aspects of my life by applying the 13 success principles like a pro.  I read each chapter a few times, I studied everything and even did some more research on every detail and I found gold…

The book discusses the principles each separately, elaborating on how to apply and use each of the principles in detail.

The  13  principles  are  listed  as  follows

with just a quick look at each:
  1. Desire but not just any desire, it must be a burning desire to the point of being an obsession.
  2. Faith. You have to have rock solid unwavering faith in yourself and in what you want to accomplish.
  3. Auto Suggestion is goal repetition to yourself, telling yourself constantly as much as possible that you want and can achieve your goal.
  4. Specialised knowledge is the know how of what you want to accomplish, the know how of where to find your information and knowledge. The know how of what it takes to achieve success on your journey.
  5. Imagination is greater than education. What the mind can conceive, which is another word for imagine, it can achieve.  In other words, if you can imagine it, then you can definitely achieve it.
  6. Organized planning is where you have to have a clear definite planned out plan on how to reach your goals. You have to be detailed in a well structured plan.
  7. Decision, very clear and decisive about your goal and that you will reach it. Which you stick to no matter what.  Once your decision is made you do not go back on it.
  8. Persistence to work and work and work to accomplish your goal.
  9. Power of the mastermind is having a support team. One that can help you with opinions, information and answer questions that you need in order to succeed.  The more minds you have involved the more powerful your mastermind is.  Something in the line of the WA community.
  10. Sexual transmutation in other words sexual energy transformed into energy you can use to accomplish your goal. The kind of energy you use to search for a suitable partner, the same kind of energy.
  11. Subconscious mind that controls everything that happens automatic like bodily functions and breathing. When you change your subconscious mind to be tuned for success your subconscious mind will make sure that it happens.
  12. The brain is where it all happens. We don’t know exactly to a point how exactly the brain works and functions but we know it works like a receiver and transmitter where thought impulses are constantly received and transmitted to and from you and everything around you.
  13. Sixth sense is your intuition, the sense of knowing. Cultivating this sixth sense through meditation and exercises towards what you want to accomplish.


What about Think and Grow Rich makes it the greatest success classic of all time? 

Well it is the book that has made the most millionaires around the world.  It has changed the lives of millions of people.

The 13 success principles explained in the book can be used in all areas of your life to achieve your goals and to change your life to the life of your dreams.

I would advise you to buy this book.  This book has helped countless people accomplish so much in their lives as it will definitely do for you too.

This book contains the type of information that needs to be taught in schools but is for some reason not.

It’s the type of information you want to read, and study.

It’s the kind of stuff you want to teach your children from a very young age and keep teaching till they grow old.

It’s the kind of information you will keep using time after time in your life.

This book not only teach you the secrets that will bring you a fortune, it does not only show you what to do, but also how to do it. 

Once you learn and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed you will master the secret to true and lasting success in anything.

Then you may have whatever you want in life.

Get Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill









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Successful vs Unsuccessful

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I found this very interesting info-graphic today which I thought I must share with you.




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Two sides to everything

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There are always two sides to everything in life.  Like two roads, one goes forward and one goes back.

There is always the good and the bad.

The only thing in life which I have encountered which has no down side is having children.  Other than that everything has an upside and a downside.


In my mind I see life as the zero in mathematics.  Above the zero line is the + side and below the -.  It depends on me how far up the up side goes, and how far down the downside goes.

But most importantly it depends on me how bad the downside is and how I handle it accordingly.


My perspective paired with my thoughts and feelings, that all combined with my actions, make or break…

which way are you going

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Can you think positive while being on a low frequency?

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If you can think positive while being on a low frequency,

would you then be able to change the low frequency to your advantage

by being positive?  

Not positive for say, but thinking the right stuff.  When you are down and low, go back to your vision board or your book of what you want, this is the one I prefer.  I look at the stuff, I think what I always think when I do this exercise, and I do each step seven times over.

For some reason, I believe in the number seven. 

Sometimes getting these low spurts is hormonal related.  The good news is you can track it and you have a good idea of how long it will last, be prepared to handle it without falling apart.  Stay one step ahead of yourself this way, and success is yours guaranteed.  Look for a pattern.

Acknowledge it, thank it for coming as it gives you a chance to grow stronger.  You have an opportunity to strengthen yourself.  Concentrate more and think of less at this time.  Make every thought count to your advantage.  Smile at yourself, just smile, do it from the heart.  You have to try your best to feel that smile.

If you have to think of something specific, you know… the normal stuff that haunts you during these times.   Then make it a good thought, see one positive outcome, even a small tiny one in the entirety of the situation.  See it in your mind and think consciously of it.

I have decided I will not give up.  I know I deserve what I want, I am not selfish, I was before I know.  I sincerely regret it, I do.  But I am no more selfish, I am beautiful and kind.  I am a good person.  I deserve this.

Say to yourself enough is enough.  Be ruthless with yourself, you made a decision, stick to it no matter what.  Take this regret and say bugger off b*atch.  When you made the decision, you made it with the best intentions and utmost satisfying results in mind.  You wanted something better, you deserve better.  Whatever it was that you chose to give up at the time was worth getting out of that sickening situation.

It might seem like a bad decision now, but at the time it was the best decision you made. 

Depending on how you choose to think, you will be able to see that every decision holds value.

Your ability to make a decision is an opportunity to exercise the freedom that is your birthright.

For every “failed” decision, you will make a “successful” decision.

Being inspired is a beautiful thing.

This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something good.

Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.


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Create your reality by what you feel

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Creating your reality you want is not something you do by only thinking for say, you create your reality by what you feel together with your thoughts.  I can tell you from experience that is not the easiest thing to do to control your thoughts and your emotions at the same time.  I struggled for a long time to get this under my knee.  To be able to do it on demand is a challenging task, but once you have mastered this you can change just about anything in your life in a mere moment.

Everything in and around you are made up of energy and vibrations.   The higher your vibrations and energy together with your thoughts the easier you attract your desires.  Easier said than done, it’s something I really struggle with, to get the feeling in tune with the desire and thoughts.  Not easy, but possible.

Let me tell you a little something from my life, I have experienced this a few times in my life.  When you are able to master this then you have extraordinary power not just in your life, but in the lives of others as well.  I share with you today a story of what happened to me.  Please note this story is not something I am proud of, it happened and I realized afterwards what I did and I was sorry.  I still am.  It is just to illustrate to you my point.

I once bought some meat from a butcher.  It was after I have had the same situation with the poor quality of his meat that I decided to inform him that I am unsatisfied.  He told me that his meat is clean and that I must probably clean my kitchen and pots before I cook his meat in it.  I was highly offended, as you can literally eat off the floors and surfaces of my home.  The feeling I got at that very moment came from the pit of my stomach and it rose like fire through me.  I could feel it in my throat, surging through my entire being.  It was horrible yet at the same time it felt powerful and satisfying.  I was calm and clear headed.  The next words that came out of my mouth I said, I turned away and I left.  Never spoken to him again up to this day, but within the 3 months from the day I said those words, every last thing I said that day came true to the last point.  I did not know at the time, I was stunned and amazed.

I never thought it possible really.  Or let me rather rephrase, I knew and believed it possible, but always that others can do it not me.  I never thought I would ever have the power to have such utter total control.  I practiced it many times throughout my life, never really getting the results I wanted.  I came to realize through many trial and error, that the feeling, the emotion involved, that makes for the breaking point difference.  The feeling pushes it over the edge to where there is no doubt or coming back from.  That is the feeling you want to master.  That together with your thoughts and your words make for an seriously powerful unstoppable force.

Your emotions play a big part in what you create in your life.  Emotions breeds success, or emotions breeds failure.  You decide which one it is that you want.  When you want it so bad, you love it and you cherish it even before you have it, then you create it Find Out More.  There is a fine line between love and hate, just be sure you stay on the love side, as hate is also a very strong powerful feeling.  You don’t want to change lives in a moment of anger.  Its at times like these when you experience these extreme rush of emotions that you have to be very careful what you think and say.

What I want to know is how.  How do I manage to create this feeling within myself at a moment’s notice?

A long time ago I learned in a seminar that behavior breeds behavior.  It stuck with me and I kept it in mind all the years I have worked with people.  It is true, your behavior and reaction to something is a direct reflection of what you will get in return.  There is a point to this, and let me get to the point then.  It is the same with emotions and feelings.  What you experience more will breed and you will have more.  To get to the higher vibrational feelings you have to watch yourself throughout the day and consciously change if it is not in line with what you want.  At first it might seem like a colossal task, but after a while of practicing this every day you will see the negative bad vibrations and feelings get less, smaller and weaker.  They will lose their power and that is exactly what we want.  We want the good vibrations to grow and get stronger.

World news creates feelings of anxiety and fear.   Two very strong feelings we do not want.  I for one do not read the paper and I do not watch the news.  Keeping up with the news causes depression.  This is a huge thing as we are conditioned from a young age to know what is going on in the word.  But steer clear, it is important to achieve a higher vibration of feelings.  It is important to know what is going on in the world, but then make sure to balance it out with good news.  Get more of the good deeds people and organizations do, medical advancements to improve lives, just general good deeds and good news about anything.  Concentrate on these more while keeping up with world news.


How do you get rid of the bad feelings?  It is easy, but it takes practice.  Let me tell you what I do.  When I experience some bad feelings, the low vibrations.  No matter whether it be fear, anxiety, loss, depression, hurt, anger, guilt, worry, stress, disappointment, sadness, insecurity, doubt, well you get the idea.  I sit straight up, I close my eyes and I think of what it is I am feeling, I mentally gather it all in my throat.  I feel it there, then I imagine a glass ball in my hands, big enough so I can hold it in both my hands then I breath the feeling from my throat out my mouth into the ball.  This ball is a bouncy ball.  A bouncy ball that never stops once it starts to bounce away.  I concentrate on my breathing, seeing all the bad feelings and thoughts going into the ball, almost like breathing smoke into a ball.  I see it vividly in my mind, then when all feeling has gone from me, and the bad thoughts as well, all into the ball.  I close the ball and I throw it.  It bounces high and far, away from me taking all the bad stuff with it.  It bounces through stuff and over stuff, but not people.  Never send this to people as it tends to always come back, rather send it away from you and anyone else.  It just goes and goes never stopping and never coming back.  I smile before I open my eyes again and then for a few moments I do the “I am” exercise.  I will say stuff to myself like, I am peaceful, I am happy, I am forgiving, I am strong and I am beautiful.  You can say anything you like, as long as you compliment yourself and make yourself feel good.  Then I congratulate myself on the success I have just accomplished with changing my immediate situation.  You did it, you are awesome.  I also tell myself how proud I am of myself.  Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but believe me this stuff really works.

You can use any mental picture that works for you; you can throw it in the fire, or in the river or the ocean, let the water take it away.  I would just recommend using the same mental picture every time, find one that works for you then make it grow strong, more vivid and more powerful.  When I started doing this it took me maybe half an hour to achieve, that was a few months ago though, now it only takes me minutes to achieve the higher vibration.  Before I also had to repeat the same thing a few times over to get my desired results, now I do it once only and it’s done.  No more bad, just all good.  Be persistent, even if it may take longer, it may feel like its not working or you may be impatient, keep at it and you will see the end result is utterly and completely satisfying.  It is like experiencing a natural high, the feeling is unbelievable.  It cannot be explained or justified by words.

Also remember when the bad feelings, thoughts and words are gone, its gone.  Like flushing the loo, you don’t want that stuff to come back up, you don’t call it back.  The same with this, once you have sent it away, let it be.  Don’t think of it again, do not discuss it with anyone do not do anything else with it or about it.  Let it go and let it be.  Don’t bother it again, and it won’t come back to bother you again.

Meditation and beautiful things go hand in hand together for me.  We have a song we sing in church, “Take time to be holy”, I love the song.  By taking a few minutes a day to just be still, be quiet, be with yourself only and to clear your mind you have the opportunity to fill yourself with beautiful things.  Whatever you find beautiful, use it to think of just a few minutes every day.  Take 5 minutes.  Visualize something beautiful and just breathe.  It could be something you want, or something you already have as long as it makes you smile inside.  Smile inside, feel yourself radiant as you smile.  Happiness and sunshine smiles back at you.

Just a quick mention on this one, I will not go into it too much because I do believe that if you managed to get to me today, you already know that alcohol and drugs are just bad for all vibes and lives.  Even the bad low vibrations gets even lower and worse.  Drink water, pure clean water.  Water is life, so for life to be good drink enough water every day.  Start your day with a glass of water as soon as you have brushed your teeth in the morning.  You start your day pure and clean.  When water hits the brain first then brain thanks you by being strong, vibrant, resilient and creative.  It just works so much better.  Drink water, its good for you.  I am a great believer of the powerful healing properties of water.  Physical and mental healing.

Music, movies and television shows.  Reality shows create reality in your subconscious mind, as well as horror, drama, crime and anything that’s negative.  The same as with news, focus on happy shows, comedy movies and anything that gives you that feel good feeling.  Love and romance.  Music is my all time favorite pick me up.  I use music to keep me high throughout the day.  Good music with an energetic beat, the kind that makes you want to tap your foot or snap your fingers.  Feel good music with audible positive lyrics.  Music makes for one of the most powerful ways to transform you and your life.  Lose yourself in a good piece of music and you might as well have had hours of meditation.  Use positive music throughout the day, sing along, be daring and dance, you will feel the amazing effects within hours, even minutes.  Music has the ability to make you fly higher than an eagle.  This is probably the easiest way, which combines thoughts and emotions with fun to get to live the life of your dreams.

Be kind and be grateful.  Be kind to children, most of them are pure, innocent and kind.  Smile at children, so they can also see there is more good in the world than they are being let to believe, you can change a life this way, not just your life, but an impressionable beings life.  Leave a powerful emotion and vibration in the heart and mind of a child, even if this person will never ever again lay eyes on you.  Show them kindness.  One kind sincere smile has the power to change the whole world.

Last but not least, it goes hand in hand with music.  Dance, get your blood pumping and just move your body in whichever way.  Vibration loves movement, the more you move the better and stronger you vibrate at a higher frequency.  Music and dancing makes people happy, it makes everyone happy.  It releases the feel good endorphin’s and its good exercise.  Sing along as long as you have fun.  Sing funny, sing loud, sing however you want.  Enjoy the moment and lift yourself to utmost high vibrations.  Get that good feel good feeling to radiate from your throat, shining a pure white light from you and into everyone and everything around you.  Enjoy life to the max at that very moment and just move.


Can I live on this vibration all the time, or is it something that comes and goes as I need it?  You are the creator, you decide.  Get yourself to that sweet spot of happiness and joy then you can live on that awesome vibration all the time.  There are many different ways of obtaining this, the same thing does not necessarily work for everyone.  I am giving you guidelines to follow, make it your own, trust yourself and trust in your ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.  With dedication and practice it is possible to live on this vibration all the time.  But also when you encounter something you don’t want, you have the ability to call upon your strength and change it that every moment, in mere minutes or even seconds you can lift yourself high.

What you feel and think inside is the way you perceive and process the outside world.  Change you permanently and you will change your energy vibration permanently, thus changing your life permanently.

Be conscious with your thoughts and feelings, practice it daily as many times as possible.  I can compare it to any other habit; a habit is something we do unconsciously.  When you do this enough it becomes habit, it becomes second nature.  Everything that you think about, what you say and what you feel becomes your reality.

One fundamental truth is to learn to let go of the need to know how it works, just know, trust and believe without a doubt that it does work.  When you are on a higher vibration, you create your desires easily, higher vibrational frequency resonates with your desires and attract them faster and stronger.  Don’t force anything, just let it be with complete faith.

You want to resonate from the highest state of joy and happiness.  This feeling makes you fully alive, as if you are on fire.  Your world is filled with good fortune and sunshine, you attract your hearts desires from inspiration.  You are in full control of yourself and your life.  Keeping your vibrations high makes you manifest what you want and what you deserve quickly and effortlessly.

Happiness is a choice, you choose whether you want to be happy or not, in any given moment or situation you are in full control of you.  You decide.  You are a powerful magnet, what you attract depends on you, your feelings, your thoughts, your words and your vibration.  You are truly powerful.  Every moment is the start of a new beginning, every moment you have the opportunity to create your reality afresh and anew.  You have the choice, and you have the power.

In reality, time is a factor that all manifestations of your thoughts and feelings operate with.  Your desires manifest stronger and faster when you are on a constant high vibration.  Therefore it is essential that you keep yourself on this higher frequency at all times.  You are a divine being that deserves a divine life.  Keep your vibration consistent to ensure higher speed or motion of energy.  Energy moving into form is manifestation.  Allow yourself to experience higher feelings consecutively for an unlimited time period, your world are bound to be a whole lot different than what it’s ever been before.

Let me help you, let me know what it is you struggle with and I promise to help you with a way or a solution to overcome whatever it is standing in your way.

Let me know when you have tried what we talked about today, come and tell me about the success you have achieved please, I would love to know that your life has changed for the better.  When you find this information useful please be so kind as to forward to someone you know might benefit from these words today.  Help me spread the word to make the whole world a better place.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Every day, every moment has the potential for a miracle. 



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Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Courses

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Let’s talk about a foundation today.  What is a foundation.  It is the structure that keeps the building strong that keeps it from moving and breaking.


Everything in life has a foundation, and if your foundation is not strong enough, you cannot create something of value.  It is always important to remember that you make sure you have a strong solid foundation when you want to make a success of something regardless which part of your life it may be.

When your foundation is rock solid, there is not many things that can stand in your way to ultimate success.

At Wealthy Affiliate University the boot camp is the foundation.  I’ve done the course and I found that if done properly it makes for a great strong solid foundation in marketing in the online world.  Do it once, do it more than once, the entire course, you will not regret it at all.  You are just setting yourself up for success.  Isn’t that exactly what you want, otherwise you would not be here today.  Or maybe you are just here for my fabulous writing.

Experience, trial and error makes you grow.  Good character is build when you meet life honestly and courageously.  I believe the Wealthy Affiliate University boot camp is the best place to start and to build your foundation, this enables you to build and rebuild anything on this foundation in the future.  That is where I started, its personal, it’s me and it is all mine, my own experience in life, my foundation is strong and my success is amazing.  You just have to start first of all, what you do now, today, that is what will matter tomorrow.


Here are some tips for you to help build your strong rock solid foundation for a successful future:

When you decide now to start to build your better successful future today with the Wealthy Affiliate University bootcamp course, then make sure to have fun and enjoy the trip.   Little or big sparks of inspiration comes at anytime from anywhere.  Make sure to have fun to give your brain the opportunity to recharge and shower you with ideas.

Create a vision board.  Yeah I know, some of you may think it ridiculous, I was one of those at first.  But I tried it, tested it and I found it really really honestly works wonders.  Visual inspiration can drastically change your life, all areas of your life.  This is one of the easiest, most fun ways to create a complete turnaround in your life.  I will have an entire section dedicated to vision boards and mood boards very soon.  I find this to be an amazing topic for discussion.

Allow yourself to refine and change your ideas.  What might have been what you wanted a week ago is not necessarily what you want today.  Human beings are beings that constantly changes and evolves, we grow and we change.  This is part of what makes life so wonderful and great.  We are all extraordinary beings.

You need to organize yourself and make a schedule.  No matter how or where, we all have different ways of doing things, as long as you have a schedule.  You need to be organized in order to function better both physically and mentally.

Start small, start with one thing and build a solid strong foundation.  You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and loose interest at all.  You want to work towards the bigger picture, one day at a time, one thing at a time.






See my in dept review of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am certain it will change your life!





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Tackle just one little obstacle at a time

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All of us like or would like to live a happy,

fulfilling and abundant life.


I have read so many self improvement books, purchased many self help programs, just to change the quality of my life and also other people’s lives around me.

I have tried and tested many of these ideas.

The ultimate question arises, do these really work? My finding to this was…


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All the ideas about positive thinking, affirmations, visualizations, meditations etc, they all work wonders. Although all these techniques requires effort and self discipline.

Practicing these techniques once or twice will not make much of a difference. It has to be practiced and repeated several times a day.

You have to have the self discipline to keep up with the repetitions. In some cases even months on end.




Most people find this very hard due to most of us being naturally impatient.

We all like quick visible results rather than working hard for the long term results.

If you are like me, and like most people, that’s exactly how you feel.


I know this because I am writing from my own experience. I struggled to make these techniques work myself.

Then, what I did, is I took one thing,

and I worked at one thing only. 


By using these techniques, on one thing, day in and day out worked like a charm, and before I knew it I was changing all sorts of “difficult” things in my life.

Things that seemed to be difficult before, those huge mountains that I thought I will never conquer I did, one at a time.


one obstacle at a time


You can do it too.  

Every day holds the possibility of a miracle, even one tiny one at a time.


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Success is a choice and a lifestyle.

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This has been mulling over in my mind for a while now.

I just could not decide how I want to say it to you, so I am taking my best shot at this today and I am going to explain to you today why success is a choice and a lifestyle.

Let’s take a fountain for example, it is filled with pure clean water that bubbles to the outside or to the surface.

You can compare yourself to a fountain, you are exactly the same as a fountain, that which you are filled with, that will bubble to the outside and that is what your life is.

That which comes from inside you overflows over into your life.

Does it make sense at all?

There is a saying in Afrikaans that translates as follows:  What the heart is filled with overflows from the mouth. 

Let me bring it even closed for you, that what you think, believe and feel, that is what your life is.


fountain of wealth


If you want your life to change, you will have to change yourself first.  You are the creator, your shape your life.


Whatever you decide, whatever you think and feel, that is what your life will ultimately be.

Success is a choice and a lifestyle.

With your thoughts and feelings, combined with what comes out of your mouth is an open invitation to the universe, and that is what you get from the universe.

If you have negative thoughts and feelings all the time, then that is what you’ll have all the time.


If you are positive, bubbly, energetic and full of life, then that is what your life  and you will be like.

A while ago my entire life went into a downward spiral and it went down really fast.  It seemed to me that from the one moment to the next everything just became a mess all at once.

My love life was nonexistent, my finances was gone my friends all gone too and I was completely and utterly alone in this horrible deep dark hole.

For a while I thought someone cursed me, but then after a while I decided to pick myself up and find out what is going on.

First I just cleaned myself to get rid of any curses, I do believe in those…. Then I started to take a good hard look at my life, and at myself.

I realized its all me, I was doing all this to myself.

I made my choice, I started to consciously change me. 

First of all I got some help, I got some mild antidepressants from the pharmacy to just help me, as a crutch would when you’ve broken your leg.  I used it for about two months only, just to get my mind right first.

During that time I was determined to get my mind fixed first.

I worked at it, every day, day and night.  I would catch myself with the wrong negative thinking, and I would change it right there and then, and then I would repeat it to myself out loud seven times.

I believe in the number seven for some reason, but I’ll go into that some other time.  After a while it started to become easier and it became more natural to me.


Things started to change.  I changed, and it was awesome.

The moment you start to change yourself, you have already started to change the world too.


Yesterday you were clever, today when you start to change yourself you are wise, you have within you the strength the patience and the passion to reach for your dreams and change your world.

Be the change you wish to see.

Give me some of your ideas, leave me some comments and tell me about your experience, please 🙂


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4 Awesome Ways To Be Wealthy

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To have wealth, or to be wealthy is to have large amounts of money and possessions of great value. Although this $$$ is not the only means of wealth, it is the specific wealth I am about to discuss with you today.






Many people who have these expensive homes and luxury cars do not have much wealth at all. They may earn big or even huge incomes, but they spend it all mostly on unnecessary stuff. Then the other odd thing is that, many other people who have a great deal of wealth do not live in these uptown rich areas, or even drive the most luxury cars. Less than half the millionaires and rich people I know and study live in high-rent areas.

I must say this little small insight completely changed my opinion of wealthy people. I also want to be very rich, and I also wanted the biggest house in the most expensive area, driving the most expensive car.  I must admit, that is what I thought it meant to be wealthy, but I was completely wrong.  The less you need, the wealthier you are.  The quality you offer to others, and the quality life you have is what it really means to be wealthy.

What most people, including me do not realize is, is that wealth is not the same as income or being rich. When you make a million dollars a year and you spend a million dollars a year, you are not wealthy and you are not getting wealthy as well. Wealth is what you accumulate, not what you spend.

The ultimate question we all have at the back of our minds are, how do I become wealthy then? It is at this point exactly where so many of us seem to get it completely wrong, we always seem to go in circles never getting to the main point of what it takes.  In rare cases it is luck or inheritance or even intelligence that builds these fortunes. Real wealth is more often the direct result of a person’s hard work, his perseverance and most of all, his self discipline.

Who are the people that tend to get wealthy? It is the average person, people like you and me, that has a net worth of a million dollars or more, it is usually the businessman who has lived in the same town all his live. This person owns a small factory or a chain of shops or that has a service company. He or she has only been married once, or are still married, and they live in a middle-class area, next to people that has a fraction of their wealth. He is the compulsive saver and investor. He is the wealthy one.

So would you say that millionaires are dull people? By Hollywood standards maybe they are, but these dull people have something every important and exciting to teach us about money. They want to teach us that attitude is the greatest difference between millionaires and the rest of us that struggle every day to get by. They also teach us that they, the rich, follow certain rules, and here are just some of the most important ones they have, I am so glad to share these with you today.

1. First we have to live below our means, yes I said below, do not go above what you can afford, rather go below what you can afford. This proves to be true, as most successful accumulators of wealthy spend far less that they can afford on houses, cars, holidays and entertainment. Why would this be? It is very simple really, these kinds of expenses offer very little or no return at all. The wealthy would much rather put their money into investments or their businesses. You see, it is an attitude. As many millionaires would say, a luxury house is a bad investment. The reason for this is why would you pay $500 000 for a house when a $250 000 would suit you just the same. The extra $250 000 you could use to earn interest. They understand that when you buy a luxury house, you buy a luxury lifestyle that comes with that house. Your rates automatically skyrocket, along with the cost of services and insurance, and all the prices of nearby facilities such as grocery shops and a lot more tend to be much pricier as well. Some of these millionaires actually said that what is worse about that big house is the flood of problems and responsibilities that comes with it. I would say it is best to buy the house you are happy in, because you and your family love it, not because of the price tag it’s got.

2. The real wealthy man’s attitude can also be seen in his car. Some of the wealthy people drive old, unpretentious sedans or puck-ups. I have heard some say that they prefer to buy them by the kilogram, the biggest car that they can find, for the least amount of money possible. You really just need to get from one place to the other with it, point “a” to point “b” I always say, but still be able to enjoy the ride.

3. Start to emphasize on your net worth, and de-emphasize on your income. Millionaire’s success is measured by their net worth, and not their income. Instead of taking their money home, they prefer to plough as much of their money as they can back into their businesses; they share portfolios and other assets. Why do they do this? They do this because any government does not tax you on wealth, you get taxed on income. Therefore the more income you bring home for consumption, the more the government will take from you.

The people who pile up net worth the fastest, tend to put every cent they can into investments, they do not just consume it all. While of course, they reinvest their earnings from investments while watching their net worth soar, which is an attitude as well.

The best wealth-builders pay careful attention to their money, and they seek professional advice, they cultivate good advice. While those who spend heavily on luxury things like cars, boats and houses, they sometimes tend to skimp on good investment advice. These who skimp on luxuries are usually more willing to pay top dollar for good legal and sound financial advice. They are also constantly looking for new investment opportunities and possibilities. Most mysteriously, these wealthy accumulators seem to develop some sort of sixth sense for hidden opportunities. Some seem to learn of investment opportunities before they are common knowledge. Then they are shrewd enough to separate the good tips from the bad ones as well.

4. The self made rich also develop clear goals for themselves and their money, they develop plans. Whatever it may be that they want, whether it be to retire early or they want to leave an estate to their children, their goals may vary, but two things they all have in common is that they have a figure in mind, and they have an approximate date as to when they want it by, then they work unceasingly towards that goal.

All of us, who are millionaires in the making, should start to develop a plan, regardless of what age we might be. We must decide how much we want to accumulate, and by when we want it. Then we start to work backwards to meet our goal. How much should we save yearly to reach our goal?

One thing may surprise you, if you make wealth, not just income but wealth your goal, then the luxury house you’ve been dreaming about might not seem as alluring as before.

You will have the attitude. Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.

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