Day 6 of complete lock down

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In all my years on this planet, I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I would get to see a real life apocalypse movie, or be in one, in real action. It is astonishing to see this thing move.  The realization of what is going on starts to kick in with day 6 of complete lock down. What started feeling like a holiday, is getting more intense and more serious by now.

This Covid-19 Corona virus manages to get the whole world down on its knees at home, praying. Or at least that is what we should be doing. If you are not praying, you should be.

Look at the amount of power this small little virus has, the entire world is coming to a halt. We have to remember that we are a part of God, we have His power. God is stronger, therefor we are stronger then this virus.

Now it makes sense, this is what the world means by having the experience of a lifetime. We all are experiencing something none of us ever have.

Look at how small this virus is, then take a look at yourself. You are much bigger, you have a lot more power. Wherein lies your power? It is within you, the knowledge you have of what to do, how to prepare, to make your immune strong, to clean up ( a lot), and to become still. Now is the time to look inside for your strength.

Many of us that was always in a hurry, is now grounded, we have nothing but time for those most important to us.
Pure love is coming back and growing strong, without any influences.

Something like this that brings the world to its knees and praying… when you take a look around and see al the good that has come from this, then I believe we are living a real life Bible story. Something in the lines of Noah’s Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah… think about it.

We have to know now where God is, and where to find Him. He is the only salvation both in nature and in Spirit. All is connected anyway.

For al of us this is the second coming, BIG change, with one choice. This is the turning point, from here on you only get one choice. The choice is to bring God and family together again. The correct way, the way He wants us to. Our understanding of God and Spirit must evolve and change.  Everything is more Spiritual than literal. Paul writes that the Spirit and sinful nature are constantly at odds with one another.

The whole world is forced to take a holiday at home.  We are doing stuff we did not have time for before, I excessively cleaned house, read my post on Day 2 Of Complete Lock Down.

This reminds me of when everybody had to return to where they were born when Jesus was born. We are forced to go back to our roots, back to the basics. Back to where we came from, and what our main purpose is.  All of us are here for a reason.  We have a calling.

Each of us that will survive this is very fortunate. It is the beginning of the end, Spiritually. Be quiet. Be one with God and Spirit. These three are one, and all are within you.  All parts of the same whole.

For those of us that are able to have food, health and shelter, thank the Lord because you are blessed. For those of us that have less. The world is still big. If you can read this, you can earn a great income, there are multiple ways online to do just that. There are many, countless opportunities for you. Follow this link to have a look.

A new great exciting world is opening up. Have you seen how the general crime rate has gone down all over the world? How many are spending quality time with their families, at home, with nowhere where to go, nowhere where to rush, just time, God and family.

There are a lot of good in any situation, the same as with this pandemic. I pray every day for every life lost during this time. I pray that their souls are saved. “Come to me, He says” If you are not praying, you should be.

I believe you found this post helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with the important people in your life, (and the less important ones too;-) they may all find value in these written words, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  I’d love to hear from you.

Always remember every day holds the possibility and the promise of a miracle.  

Miracles, is that which seems impossible but happens anyway…



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  • Nimrodngy says:

    For me, all this time I stay at home is one of the most beautiful. I say this because I have family and we spend a lot of time together.
    Your article is very motivational and I can say that I was glad I was able to read it. I think all people should see the other side of this pandemic problem, and enjoy time with family and loved ones.
    Besides this you can also make money online and I am glad that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate for everyone and I urge them to try the best way to have their own business.
    If you don’t mind I would like to share this article on my social accounts where I have many friends eager to read it.

    • Marlene W says:

      I agree, my lock down time so far has been filled with fun, peace and serenity and a whole lot of Spiritual clarity.  I love family, family time is the best time, and now it’s family time all the time.   How super blessed are we?  

      The pandemic has many positive aspects to it.  The Lord teaches us to always believe, He has a plan, I can see His hand in this pandemic too. 

      I can only recommend WA as we both know this is the best platform to learn and grow.  This is also all I know, I’ve been a member for 11 years, I know no other platforms as I’ve always been able to find anything I need right here, I have never had a reason to go look for any information or help somewhere else.  Thank you for agreeing that this is the best, it truly is. 

      I don’t mind at all that you want to share this post, please go ahead and share as much as you want.  Every person it reaches and inspires is a positive move to fight this darkness.  The more we stand together, the more power we have over all that is not from God.  

      Much health, success and happiness to you.   Spiritually as well as naturally.  


  • Md. Asraful Islam says:

    Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is about Day 6 of complete lockdown. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like to survive this is very fortunate of the points mentioned in your article. Currently, the coronavirus epidemic has taken shape and our city has been locked down. In the days of lockdown, we will pray to god and try to help those who are helpless from their respective places.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

    • Marlene W says:

      You are welcome.  I was inspired.  Yesterday I was sitting in the garden, meditating and just bathing in the sunlight, (the Covid-19 Carona virus does not like sunlight at all) and it just came to me, and I just wrote what came into my mind until it stopped and the flies bothered me too much.  I am truly humbled by this experience, and the response i get.  I think we are truly blessed. Thank you for taking the time to read my post today, and for leaving your comment.  And thank you for sharing this post with your world of friends and family.  You will be blessed and you’ll see how much it will more the world around you, as much as it did you.  

      Thank you.  May you be blessed with health and success.    

  • Tanvir Ahmed says:

    You mentioned very well about how to deal with COVID19. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about lockdown for COVID-19. I think all of your discussions are realistic. I agree with all your depictions. I have learned a lot from this article. This post has inspired me. I hope this information works for everyone. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I want everyone in the world to know the source of home praying. I have learned from this article. I’m so impressed. I will follow this article in my life.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so that all people can know about COVID19.

    • Marlene W says:

      That is so cool.  Thank you so much.  What a great compliment.  You are welcome, and you are very welcome to share my work as much as you like.  It is through this medium that we will be able to reach far and wide to bring the message of what needs to be done, and how.  We all need to learn, grow and adapt.  The time is now, as God says, today is the day of salvation.  

      I am thankful that you are inspired and that you want to give this gift to others too.  You are blessed.  Thank you. 

  • sabrinamou says:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I’m glad that I found this article.
    Inspiring article and much needed. At present, the coronavirus is pandemic all through the world, making all of us vulnerable. I think God controls this whole world is testing us all. Maybe it is additionally God’s method for giving us the chance to reconnect with family. So it seems to me that if we do not waste time sitting in the house, we should repent to the One who created the world while repenting and apologizing to Him. As though He shields us from this plague and gives us a lovely and solid life. I implore we do repair a lot of our ways and recollect that regardless of anything else it is in God’s control, not our own.

     If you don’t mind, I’d like to share your article with my friends. I am very happy I got the chance to read this and hope the best for you and your site in the future. And thanks for sharing your opinion. Thanks

    • Marlene W says:

      Thank you so much for reading my post today, and leaving your valuable comment.  I am honored that you want to share it with your friends, please go ahead and share away.  Thank you so much.  I am humbled by your compliment.  

      This virus shows us how vulnerable we are.  There are many theories as to how and why this is happening, I strongly believe it is about time a change takes place and a global Spiritual shift happens.  It is time for change, and it’s happening really fast and dramatic.  Yet, it all is super exciting. 

      Great health, success and happiness to you  

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