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Creating your reality you want is not something you do by only thinking for say, you create your reality by what you feel together with your thoughts.  I can tell you from experience that is not the easiest thing to do to control your thoughts and your emotions at the same time.  I struggled for a long time to get this under my knee.  To be able to do it on demand is a challenging task, but once you have mastered this you can change just about anything in your life in a mere moment.

Everything in and around you are made up of energy and vibrations.   The higher your vibrations and energy together with your thoughts the easier you attract your desires.  Easier said than done, it’s something I really struggle with, to get the feeling in tune with the desire and thoughts.  Not easy, but possible.

Let me tell you a little something from my life, I have experienced this a few times in my life.  When you are able to master this then you have extraordinary power not just in your life, but in the lives of others as well.  I share with you today a story of what happened to me.  Please note this story is not something I am proud of, it happened and I realized afterwards what I did and I was sorry.  I still am.  It is just to illustrate to you my point.

I once bought some meat from a butcher.  It was after I have had the same situation with the poor quality of his meat that I decided to inform him that I am unsatisfied.  He told me that his meat is clean and that I must probably clean my kitchen and pots before I cook his meat in it.  I was highly offended, as you can literally eat off the floors and surfaces of my home.  The feeling I got at that very moment came from the pit of my stomach and it rose like fire through me.  I could feel it in my throat, surging through my entire being.  It was horrible yet at the same time it felt powerful and satisfying.  I was calm and clear headed.  The next words that came out of my mouth I said, I turned away and I left.  Never spoken to him again up to this day, but within the 3 months from the day I said those words, every last thing I said that day came true to the last point.  I did not know at the time, I was stunned and amazed.

I never thought it possible really.  Or let me rather rephrase, I knew and believed it possible, but always that others can do it not me.  I never thought I would ever have the power to have such utter total control.  I practiced it many times throughout my life, never really getting the results I wanted.  I came to realize through many trial and error, that the feeling, the emotion involved, that makes for the breaking point difference.  The feeling pushes it over the edge to where there is no doubt or coming back from.  That is the feeling you want to master.  That together with your thoughts and your words make for an seriously powerful unstoppable force.

Your emotions play a big part in what you create in your life.  Emotions breeds success, or emotions breeds failure.  You decide which one it is that you want.  When you want it so bad, you love it and you cherish it even before you have it, then you create it Find Out More.  There is a fine line between love and hate, just be sure you stay on the love side, as hate is also a very strong powerful feeling.  You don’t want to change lives in a moment of anger.  Its at times like these when you experience these extreme rush of emotions that you have to be very careful what you think and say.

What I want to know is how.  How do I manage to create this feeling within myself at a moment’s notice?

A long time ago I learned in a seminar that behavior breeds behavior.  It stuck with me and I kept it in mind all the years I have worked with people.  It is true, your behavior and reaction to something is a direct reflection of what you will get in return.  There is a point to this, and let me get to the point then.  It is the same with emotions and feelings.  What you experience more will breed and you will have more.  To get to the higher vibrational feelings you have to watch yourself throughout the day and consciously change if it is not in line with what you want.  At first it might seem like a colossal task, but after a while of practicing this every day you will see the negative bad vibrations and feelings get less, smaller and weaker.  They will lose their power and that is exactly what we want.  We want the good vibrations to grow and get stronger.

World news creates feelings of anxiety and fear.   Two very strong feelings we do not want.  I for one do not read the paper and I do not watch the news.  Keeping up with the news causes depression.  This is a huge thing as we are conditioned from a young age to know what is going on in the word.  But steer clear, it is important to achieve a higher vibration of feelings.  It is important to know what is going on in the world, but then make sure to balance it out with good news.  Get more of the good deeds people and organizations do, medical advancements to improve lives, just general good deeds and good news about anything.  Concentrate on these more while keeping up with world news.


How do you get rid of the bad feelings?  It is easy, but it takes practice.  Let me tell you what I do.  When I experience some bad feelings, the low vibrations.  No matter whether it be fear, anxiety, loss, depression, hurt, anger, guilt, worry, stress, disappointment, sadness, insecurity, doubt, well you get the idea.  I sit straight up, I close my eyes and I think of what it is I am feeling, I mentally gather it all in my throat.  I feel it there, then I imagine a glass ball in my hands, big enough so I can hold it in both my hands then I breath the feeling from my throat out my mouth into the ball.  This ball is a bouncy ball.  A bouncy ball that never stops once it starts to bounce away.  I concentrate on my breathing, seeing all the bad feelings and thoughts going into the ball, almost like breathing smoke into a ball.  I see it vividly in my mind, then when all feeling has gone from me, and the bad thoughts as well, all into the ball.  I close the ball and I throw it.  It bounces high and far, away from me taking all the bad stuff with it.  It bounces through stuff and over stuff, but not people.  Never send this to people as it tends to always come back, rather send it away from you and anyone else.  It just goes and goes never stopping and never coming back.  I smile before I open my eyes again and then for a few moments I do the “I am” exercise.  I will say stuff to myself like, I am peaceful, I am happy, I am forgiving, I am strong and I am beautiful.  You can say anything you like, as long as you compliment yourself and make yourself feel good.  Then I congratulate myself on the success I have just accomplished with changing my immediate situation.  You did it, you are awesome.  I also tell myself how proud I am of myself.  Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but believe me this stuff really works.

You can use any mental picture that works for you; you can throw it in the fire, or in the river or the ocean, let the water take it away.  I would just recommend using the same mental picture every time, find one that works for you then make it grow strong, more vivid and more powerful.  When I started doing this it took me maybe half an hour to achieve, that was a few months ago though, now it only takes me minutes to achieve the higher vibration.  Before I also had to repeat the same thing a few times over to get my desired results, now I do it once only and it’s done.  No more bad, just all good.  Be persistent, even if it may take longer, it may feel like its not working or you may be impatient, keep at it and you will see the end result is utterly and completely satisfying.  It is like experiencing a natural high, the feeling is unbelievable.  It cannot be explained or justified by words.

Also remember when the bad feelings, thoughts and words are gone, its gone.  Like flushing the loo, you don’t want that stuff to come back up, you don’t call it back.  The same with this, once you have sent it away, let it be.  Don’t think of it again, do not discuss it with anyone do not do anything else with it or about it.  Let it go and let it be.  Don’t bother it again, and it won’t come back to bother you again.

Meditation and beautiful things go hand in hand together for me.  We have a song we sing in church, “Take time to be holy”, I love the song.  By taking a few minutes a day to just be still, be quiet, be with yourself only and to clear your mind you have the opportunity to fill yourself with beautiful things.  Whatever you find beautiful, use it to think of just a few minutes every day.  Take 5 minutes.  Visualize something beautiful and just breathe.  It could be something you want, or something you already have as long as it makes you smile inside.  Smile inside, feel yourself radiant as you smile.  Happiness and sunshine smiles back at you.

Just a quick mention on this one, I will not go into it too much because I do believe that if you managed to get to me today, you already know that alcohol and drugs are just bad for all vibes and lives.  Even the bad low vibrations gets even lower and worse.  Drink water, pure clean water.  Water is life, so for life to be good drink enough water every day.  Start your day with a glass of water as soon as you have brushed your teeth in the morning.  You start your day pure and clean.  When water hits the brain first then brain thanks you by being strong, vibrant, resilient and creative.  It just works so much better.  Drink water, its good for you.  I am a great believer of the powerful healing properties of water.  Physical and mental healing.

Music, movies and television shows.  Reality shows create reality in your subconscious mind, as well as horror, drama, crime and anything that’s negative.  The same as with news, focus on happy shows, comedy movies and anything that gives you that feel good feeling.  Love and romance.  Music is my all time favorite pick me up.  I use music to keep me high throughout the day.  Good music with an energetic beat, the kind that makes you want to tap your foot or snap your fingers.  Feel good music with audible positive lyrics.  Music makes for one of the most powerful ways to transform you and your life.  Lose yourself in a good piece of music and you might as well have had hours of meditation.  Use positive music throughout the day, sing along, be daring and dance, you will feel the amazing effects within hours, even minutes.  Music has the ability to make you fly higher than an eagle.  This is probably the easiest way, which combines thoughts and emotions with fun to get to live the life of your dreams.

Be kind and be grateful.  Be kind to children, most of them are pure, innocent and kind.  Smile at children, so they can also see there is more good in the world than they are being let to believe, you can change a life this way, not just your life, but an impressionable beings life.  Leave a powerful emotion and vibration in the heart and mind of a child, even if this person will never ever again lay eyes on you.  Show them kindness.  One kind sincere smile has the power to change the whole world.

Last but not least, it goes hand in hand with music.  Dance, get your blood pumping and just move your body in whichever way.  Vibration loves movement, the more you move the better and stronger you vibrate at a higher frequency.  Music and dancing makes people happy, it makes everyone happy.  It releases the feel good endorphin’s and its good exercise.  Sing along as long as you have fun.  Sing funny, sing loud, sing however you want.  Enjoy the moment and lift yourself to utmost high vibrations.  Get that good feel good feeling to radiate from your throat, shining a pure white light from you and into everyone and everything around you.  Enjoy life to the max at that very moment and just move.


Can I live on this vibration all the time, or is it something that comes and goes as I need it?  You are the creator, you decide.  Get yourself to that sweet spot of happiness and joy then you can live on that awesome vibration all the time.  There are many different ways of obtaining this, the same thing does not necessarily work for everyone.  I am giving you guidelines to follow, make it your own, trust yourself and trust in your ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.  With dedication and practice it is possible to live on this vibration all the time.  But also when you encounter something you don’t want, you have the ability to call upon your strength and change it that every moment, in mere minutes or even seconds you can lift yourself high.

What you feel and think inside is the way you perceive and process the outside world.  Change you permanently and you will change your energy vibration permanently, thus changing your life permanently.

Be conscious with your thoughts and feelings, practice it daily as many times as possible.  I can compare it to any other habit; a habit is something we do unconsciously.  When you do this enough it becomes habit, it becomes second nature.  Everything that you think about, what you say and what you feel becomes your reality.

One fundamental truth is to learn to let go of the need to know how it works, just know, trust and believe without a doubt that it does work.  When you are on a higher vibration, you create your desires easily, higher vibrational frequency resonates with your desires and attract them faster and stronger.  Don’t force anything, just let it be with complete faith.

You want to resonate from the highest state of joy and happiness.  This feeling makes you fully alive, as if you are on fire.  Your world is filled with good fortune and sunshine, you attract your hearts desires from inspiration.  You are in full control of yourself and your life.  Keeping your vibrations high makes you manifest what you want and what you deserve quickly and effortlessly.

Happiness is a choice, you choose whether you want to be happy or not, in any given moment or situation you are in full control of you.  You decide.  You are a powerful magnet, what you attract depends on you, your feelings, your thoughts, your words and your vibration.  You are truly powerful.  Every moment is the start of a new beginning, every moment you have the opportunity to create your reality afresh and anew.  You have the choice, and you have the power.

In reality, time is a factor that all manifestations of your thoughts and feelings operate with.  Your desires manifest stronger and faster when you are on a constant high vibration.  Therefore it is essential that you keep yourself on this higher frequency at all times.  You are a divine being that deserves a divine life.  Keep your vibration consistent to ensure higher speed or motion of energy.  Energy moving into form is manifestation.  Allow yourself to experience higher feelings consecutively for an unlimited time period, your world are bound to be a whole lot different than what it’s ever been before.

Let me help you, let me know what it is you struggle with and I promise to help you with a way or a solution to overcome whatever it is standing in your way.

Let me know when you have tried what we talked about today, come and tell me about the success you have achieved please, I would love to know that your life has changed for the better.  When you find this information useful please be so kind as to forward to someone you know might benefit from these words today.  Help me spread the word to make the whole world a better place.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Every day, every moment has the potential for a miracle. 



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  • James Kelly says:

    Some very good points in this article about controlling your thoughts and emotions.There are a number of ways I rid myself of bad feelings but the major ones for me are exercise by going for a long energetic walk and the second one is by listening to calm relaxing classical music ( preferably Mozart )

    • admin says:

      Hey James. Thank you for leaving your comment. Seems you got your thoughts under control. I love Mozart music too, and did you know that Mozart is brain food. Its really good for you. Thank you very much for your great comment.

  • Reelika says:

    Wow that was a beautiful article, really nice reading. And I agree with you pretty much on everything. Let your vibe be positive and you will attract more good into your life. Being aware of your energy your thoughts and feelings and working with them is a powerful tool.

    I found that meditation you are using also really cool, I will try this for me too.
    Thank you much for this inspiring piece!
    Wishing you all the best with your writings

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much Reelika. You are awesome.
      I am happy you stopped by and that you could find something that you can use in your life.

      Great success to you.
      Keep believing in yourself and your amazing abilities.

  • Tina says:

    Marlene, what a positive article! I have to admit that I have struggled with staying on top of my emotions sometimes. I totally agree that we are the creators of our emotions and our reactions. You have great advice here about thinking positive and letting things go. I know it is when I don’t do those things that the negative “vibrations” take over. Thanks for the encouraging words!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Tina for the comment.

      You are welcome, I am absolutely ecstatic when I can help someone. That is my main reason for this blog, is to help people grow and prosper, both mentally and physically.

      I feel strongly that with a lot more of this valuable usable information, because everyone can improve in the mental area of life, with this we can change the world to be a much better place for everyone.

      I wish upon you great mental strength, positive vibrations with blessings and success. May you prosper and be great.

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